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Treasures of Iran

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21 Days & 20 Nights
Tehran (1 Night), Tehran – Isfahan (By bus), Isfahan (3 Nights), Isfahan – Shiraz (By bus), Shiraz (3 Nights), Shiraz – Ahvaz (By bus), Ahvaz (2 Nights), Ahvaz – Kermânchâh (By bus), Kermânchâh (2 Nights), Kermânchâh – Hamadān (By bus), Hamadān (2 Nights), Hamadān – Zanjān (By bus), Zanjān (2 Nights), Zanjān – Tabriz (By bus), Tabriz ( 3 Nights), Tabriz – Tehran (By bus), Tehran (2 Nights)

As countries try to register their most precious heritages in the UNESCO list, every traveler aims to visit the best in their destination. Iran with nineteen inscriptions is among the top 20 countries on this list that you are invited to visit a collection of: The most beautiful architectures, the most amazing designs, the most beautiful mosques and the first reliefs

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