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The Charm of the Desert

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14 Days & 13 Nights
– Shiraz (By plane), Shiraz (2 Nights), Shiraz – Isfahan (By bus), Isfahan (2 Nights), Isfahan – Garmeh (By bus), Garmeh (2 Nights), Garmeh – Yazd (By bus), Yazd (2 Nights), Yazd – ZeinodinCaravansary (By bus), ZeinodinCaravansary (1 Night), ZeinodinCaravansary – Kerman (By bus), Kerman (2 Nights), Kerman – Tehran (By bus), Tehran (2 Nights)

Marcopolo, Alfons Gabriel and Sven Hedin could be the most famous figures to cross deserts in Iran. In this tour, you perceive a fascinating and seductive atmosphere. You will not only visit the architecture, culture and lifestyle of the desert dwellers, but also the natural wonders of Lut and Kavir deserts. You will encounter a picturesque scene, lit by the stars and shaped by the sands. You are welcome to travel light and barefoot.

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