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The migration of nomads

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13 Days & 12 Nights
Tehran (1 Night), Tehran – Isfahan (By bus), Isfahan (2 Nights), Isfahan – Chelgerd (By bus), Chelgerd (1 Night), Chelgerd – Shahr-e Kord (By bus), Shahr-e Kord ( 1 Night), Shahr-e Kord – Semirom (By bus), Semirom (1 Night), Semirom – Yāsūj (By bus), Yāsūj (1 Night), Yāsūj – Gachsaran (By bus), Gachsaran (1 Night), Gachsaran – Shiraz (By bus), Shiraz (1 Night), Shiraz – Pasargadae (By bus), Pasargadae (1 Night), Pasargadae – Shiraz (By bus), Shiraz (2 Nights)

It is only in Iran where you could meet various ethnic groups from nomads with their own lifestyles, dialects and costumes in a political entity. So don’t miss this amazing opportunity.
Emigration and herding has always been part of Iranian way of life for a long time. We will introduce you to the nomads to make you feel the sense of the kinship of the Pers and the tribe.
Do not worry! You can also spend a few days in the remarkable cities of Iran to relax.
In this trip, you will discover all three social classes in Iran: Nomadic, Rural and Urban.

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