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The Persian Gulf Gateway

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12 days & 11 Nights
Qeshm (4 Nights), Qeshm – Shiraz (By bus), Shiraz (3 Nights), Shiraz – Isfahan (By bus), Isfahan (2 Nights), Isfahan – Tehran (By bus), Tehran (2 Nights)

You are invited to the largest island in the third largest gulf in the world “Qeshm”.
This region was called Sinus Persicus in ancient times, the point where Asia, Europe and Africa used to meet. Although in this strategic area, historical accounts are intertwined with energy resources and political complications, join us to visit Portugal’s historic castle, marvelous geological phenomenon and Avicennia trees in the marina.
You will also enjoy local food and traditional souvenirs as well as the columns of Persepolis and the turquoise domes of Naqsh-e Jahancarré.

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