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15 Days & 14 NightsAhvaz  (2 nights),   Ahvaz   -  Khoram   Abaad  (by road),  Khoram   Abaad  (1 night), Khoram  Abaad   -  Kermanshah  (by road),  Kermanshah  (2 nights),  Kermanshah   - Hamedan  (by road),  Hamedan  (2 nights),  Hamedan  -  Isfahan  (by road),  Isfahan  (2nights),  Isfahan  -  Shiraz  (by road),  Shiraz  (3 nights),  Shiraz  -  Tehran  (by plane), Tehran (2 nights) Encrypted IranIt’s  no  exaggeration  to  say  that  history  of  Persian  literature  can  be  read  from inscriptions  on  cliffs,  mosques,  towers,  mausoleum,  mansions  and  paintings.  From Elamite  cuneiform  to  Sassanian  Pahlavi  scripts,  from  Early  Islamic  Kufic  to  present Nasta’liq calligraphy, you will comprehend hidden beauties of Persian literature. Inscriptions will reveal to you stories of rise of empires, dictations, statements, triumphs, devotions, faiths and beliefs; this is a path to have a better perception from Iran in a pleasant memorable journey

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