Simorgh Travel

17 Days & 16 Nights
Tehran (1 night), Tehran - Lar (by plane), Lar (2 nights), Lar - Shiraz (by road), Shiraz (2 nights), Shiraz - Isfahan (by road), Isfahan (2 nights), Isfahan - Arak (by road), Arak (2 nights), Arak - Zanjan (by road), Zanjan (2 nights), Zanjan - Tabriz (by road), Tabriz (2 nights), Tabriz - Tehran (by plane), Tehran (3 nights)
Oriental Bazar
Wandering the labyrinth of bazaar alleys and watching its bustling is an unforgettable experience.
From south to north, in this tour you are going to visit Iran’s most important and magnificent bazaars.
Today’s Shopping Therapy has its roots in trading journeys through history. You are invited to visit the most significant trading center on historic Silk Road, which is one of the world’s most complete examples of traditional commercial complex.
You will also visit many caravanserais, gardens and palaces, as well as six UNESCO world heritage sites in Iran.



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