Simorgh Travel

18 Days & 17 Nights
Tehran (2 nights), Tehran - Mashad (by plane), Mashad (2 nights), Mashad - Ferdos (by road), Ferdos (2 nights), Ferdos - Birjand (by road), Birjand (2 nights), Birjand - Dehsalm (by road), Dehsalm (1 night), Dehsalm - Zabol (by road), Zabol (2 nights), Zabol - Zahedan (by road), Zahedan (1 night), Zahedan - Bam (by road), Bam (1 night), Bam - kerman (by road), kerman (3 nights), kerman - Tehran (by plane), Tehran (1 night)
Epic Cities
If you’re an adventurous traveler, try this tour!
You are invited to an epic journey. From thousand years ago when book of “Shahnameh” was written, it has always been the greatest Persian epic, which Iranians have always been proud of.
In this adventurous effortful journey, you will travel to ancient cities, wondrous citadels, and less-known sites around Iran like Rostam, the protagonist character in shahnameh who passed through them. This path will show you eastern Iran: not only is it full of unexampled attractions, but also not-yet-discovered for most Iranian or foreign travelers.



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